Hi I am Amanda parent to a child with Autism/Epilepsy, Non -Verbal and Learning Difficulties. I am a qualified nursery nurse and work for local authority on a supply basis I have undertaken various training courses over the years more so relating to SEND and disabilities. I have done lots of voluntary work and enjoy meeting families,helping others and making new friends. I am an avid Hull FC fan and in my spare time like to follow them and enjoy gardening, reading, listening to music and socialising,spending time with my family. I also enjoy going on holiday to the Norfolk Broads. I hope to retire there one day.





Hi I am Shell parent to a child with Potocki Lupski Syndrome. I am a qualified nursery nurse and work as an Out of School Club assistant at a local day nursery. I am also a Guide Leader and a qualified first aider. I enjoy listening to music, socialising, being creative, fascinated by outer space love learning about it and spending time with my family and friends.




Hi I am Sheran parent to a child with Autism, Non-Verbal,and Learning Difficulties. I am a qualified Foot Health Care Practitioner and run my own business doing this. In my spare time beside being a trustee for Unique Friends I enjoy socialising, spending time with my family, making my friends laugh, going to the cinema with my friend, shopping especially for clothes and shoes (I have a vast collection of shoes). I love meeting new people and helping others.




Hi I am Katy parent to 3 children one of whom is diagnosed with Autism, Learning Difficulties and Oppositional Demand Avoidance. I am a volunteer DOULA for the Goodwin Project based in Hull and at my child's school. I am the funding officer for Unique Friends and am responsible for applying for grants /funding. I love being involved with the group. In my spare time I enjoy visiting my family in Leeds, spending time with my husband and children. I also enjoy watching movies, socialising with my friends, going on holiday.




Hi I am Karen and a manager of a local nursery. I advise the group on Policies/Procedures,

Safeguarding and Current Legislation. I have worked in the public sector and liase with outside agencies on a regular basis. In my spare time I enjoy reading,spending time with my family, relaxing, going on holiday especially camping. I enjoy cooking and am a qualified chef. But sssh don't tell everyone!!!!





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